Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Tattoo

Well todd just did a new tattoo on me. We are gonna color it in later. But i absolutley love it. Its my favorite one that i have so far!!!! And i cant believe how big my little G is getting i wish she would stay little forever shes so cute!!!!! Well we are doing well im working at the Good-humor breyers ice cream plant, and todd has his exam for the prison on the sixth. Wish us luck!!!
love you all!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

South Park Characters

Soooo when im not out looking for a job i get pretty bored. One of my friends gave me this web site where u can make your own south park characters. So i made a few of my family hahaha. Sorry guys love you!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Happy Easter to all!

We didn't do much, just went over to Todds aunts house on Saturday for a bbq. It was nice and sunny! Good thing we decided to have it Saturday because it has been storming and pooring rain the last two days! I LOVE IT! For now anyway, as soon as i buy some flip flops all of these puddles are going to be in my way! Well ill try and get some pics up soon. Hope everyone had a happy and safe weekend!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tornato warning

So the other day me and caylee (todds lil sis) were sitting in the living room watching TV it was real windy out side and she had went to go by the door to get the mail key because she wanted to go check the mail. Right when she put her lil fingers on that key the warning siren went off out side. Poor lil thing she turned around and says aahhh theres gonna be a tornato- todd comes around the corner from the bedroom and says everybody get in the bathroom! Caylee grabs the three puppies and tells me to find the two older dogs. By the time todd got to the living room to look out the window and turned around to us....we were already in the bathroom with all five dogs lol. Caylee was cuddeld up next to the toilet with all five dogs on top of her just a mess. It was so sad. She kept saying buhbuh im scared to death , im scared to death! I wanna go home! Todd was like you are home caylee, she says NO BACK TO ARIZONA. Poor thing i was just standing there looking at her like awww i dont know what to tell you im scared to death too! ..................Well turns out these things are normal for around here and we might have over reacted juuuuust a lil bit. We had a good laugh after wards tho Todd was making fun of us saying hes never seen us move so fast haha and caylee was mad at me because i had been on the phone with my mom earlier that day saying "ya its pretty windy today, heck there might be a tornato" Caylee told me " its all your fault your prolly jinxed us!" It was so cute, one of the funniest days since ive been here.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well ive been here for about a month and all i have to say is I LOVE IT! Its so refreshing being somewhere new and exploring the world! Well not really the world but ya know what i mean. Im really happy to be here, and so is Todd its like we get to start over with our lives :). The only thing is i really do miss my family but what do ya do. . . . . Sooo i got a puppy. LOL well not really got one (todds moms dog had three puppys and we are keeping the fatest one) Our lil fat Gloria. Shes only a few weeks old and just in the past week she started walking shes so cute! Grammie G is so excited to have a great grand something named after her, shes actually named after the Hippo on madagascar, because here butt looks just like hers, shes so fat!!!! Well anyways all is well, ill keep you all posted on whats new. (hopefully someone buys me a digital camera so i can post some pics ;) )